Best Free VPN for Windows

In this article, you will find our best pick options available to get today. It is hard to find a VPN service that is secure, reliable and fast enough to actually use. We have tested a lot of free VPNs and found there are only a few vpn services you can trust. Out of all other VPNs ExpressVPN is the one of the best premium VPN ever because of it’s high-end features you have access to. You will get unlimited data usage, fast speed, and a encrypted connection – the only thing is you can only use it for 30 days for free. This makes ExpressVPN great choice for short-term free use over the other free VPNs.

Is it worth to have free VPN? and which is the best? Find out here

Free VPN may cost zero but the VPN provider will be getting a profit by selling your browsing data to third-parties. Also, free VPNs tend to limit the amount of data usage and the bandwidth speed you can use it at.

We looked at security, speed and supported os measures to make sure all our suggestions are secure and reliable. Keep in mind, though, that even the best free VPNs come with limitations.

1. ProtonVPN Free

Unlimited-No monthly data limits

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Servers: 3 | Locations: 3 | Data limit: Unlimited | 24/7 chat support: No


  • Unlimited data usage
  • Speed throttling
  • Excellent privacy
  • No P2P
  • Full featured

We have tested a lot of free VPN services, and overall none of them can beat ProtonVPN. That’s why We’ve put ProtonVPN at the top of our best Free VPN list. What puts ProtonVPN on the top is the fact it provides unlimited data usage – this is the only VPN you can set and forget without worrying about how much data you are using. Additionally, when you register, you will get a seven day trial of the premium features of the VPN, all without handing over debit/credit card details. Of course, In free version there are some limitations – Most of time you will find some speed drops as paid users have benefit over bandwidth, you will access for only 1 device at a time, you will not get P2P also. However, compared to the other free VPN providers, ProtonVPN’s no-logging policy, unlimited data usage, and split tunneling makes the most well-rounded free VPN. If you satisfy with unlimited data usage, we highly recommend it.

2. Windscribe

Generous on data, and secure too

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV | Servers: 10+ | Locations: 10+ | Data limit: 10GB/Month | 24/7 chat support: No


  • Excellent privacy
  • R.O.B.E.R.T.
  • Ad and malware blocker
  • Military-grade encryption, no logs policy

Windscribe is a totally free VPN that offers 10GB of free data usage per month. It’s paid service is also excellent. When you install it you’ll get the chance, either 2GB a month without giving any info, or 10GB if you provide an email address. It’s free version lets you choose from 11 server locations. When you are connected to a server, It doesn’t keep your connection logs, IPs, or visited sites, it keeps only username, the server you are connected to and the amount of data usage, but all of this is removed within three minutes of the session expiring. And there is even a built-in adblocker, malware protection and firewall too.

Overall, Windscribe is a simple, powerful and effective free VPN. Well worth a look.

3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Generous data allowances

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Servers: 1 | Data limit: 500MB/Day | 24/7 chat support: No


  • Premium features
  • Ease of use
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Minor logs

We rate paid version of Hotspot Shield as one of the best VPN on the web, so it should come as it’s free VPN offering is good, too. Free version provides 500mb of data usage per day (15GB per month). That may sound limitation but compared to other on this list, it’s actually one of the more generous data allowances. If security is your only aim, then ‘Hotspot Shield‘ is fall in same place, providing the same ‘military-grade encryption’ that most of the premium VPNs shout about.


You’re on a hiding to something with this privacy-conscious service

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Servers: 5 | Data limit: 10GB/month | 24/7 chat support: Yes


  • Life-time Free
  • Strong on privacy
  • Free data – 10GB per month
  • Military-grade encryption, No speed throttling
  • No ads, No logs, kill switch
  • No restriction on speed and bandwidth offers both lifetime free and paid version of VPN software. But In free version there is some limitations such as it provides you 10GB data usage per month with five server locations rather than the 50+ server locations premium subscriber get. doesn’t throttle our free user’s connection speed, and it keeps no logs and stores no user data, so it won’t sell any data to third-parties in order to make a profit. It also provides 24/7 technical support for free users. Performance is impressive in our testing, too. It is a reliable and secure VPN that supports P2P sharing on all servers, excluding those in the Australia, US and UK. keeps you safe and anonymous online. It uses the military grade of encryption to keep your activity and data hidden..

5. TunnelBear

Easily Secure your identity

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Servers: 20+ | Data limit: 500MB/month | 24/7 live support: Yes


  • Improved performance with decent speed
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • User-friendly
  • Not many options in settings

TunnelBear is quite handy for beginners and user-friendly too. It is owned by security giant McAfee. The major drawback with the free plan is that you are limited to 500MB of traffic each month. That is really tiny data. You don’t need too much personal information for registration – just an email address and this inspires confidence in the security. The free account has unlimited speeds and access over 20+ countries’s servers. TunnelBear provides 256-bit encryption and has a no-logs policy to ensure your online privacy & sefety.

But, if you are fine with tiny data and want to use, secure free VPN for very occasional use, TunnelBear is a great option.

6. Speedify

Secure, Super Fast speed

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Servers: 1000+ | Data limit: 2GB/month | 24/7 live support: No


  • Superb privacy
  • Performance boosters
  • Few low-level controls
  • Multiple Internet connections simultaneously

Speedify, is a VPN that offers connection performance more than 1,000+ servers in over 50+ countries and it does so without compromising your security. You can enjoy encrypted security system while the turbo-boosting technology is able to make sure your internet connection speeds stay at their maximum possible performance through out.

The free plan has full access to all servers just as with the premium options, the only difference in free version is that you’re limited in the amount of data you can download. Free users get 2GB of data each month. That’s not a much data, and certainly not as much as some other VPNs you will see on this page, but it is still enough for basic surfing and email duties.

Are free VPNs safe?

In comparision to the paid VPNs, Free VPNs are not much secure. You are putting your privacy at higher risk by using them. By using free VPN, Users experience slower internet speeds and other issues in connections. So, it is not a good choice to use a Free VPN software that compromises your privacy by logging and selling your information to third-party advertisers. Therefore, it is good that you buy a premium VPN for 30 days risk-free with a money-back guarantee.

Is it legal to use a Free VPN?

In short, yes. Free VPN is completely legal to own and use but some countries restrict the use of VPN. Every country has different terms & conditions about using VPNs. Some countries allow using a VPN, while some countries do not allow using a VPN at all such as China and Russia. However, if you are using a VPN software in a country which allows using it, you should read the terms and conditions before using it.

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